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About NewHampshireBirding.com and Birdzilla.com
NewHampshireBirding.com is designed to provide information for those interested in wild birds. Our specific goals including providing information in the following categories:

  • Information on good birding locations
  • Information on birding events and festivals
  • Bird identification and rare bird reports

NewHampshireBirding.com is part of the Birdzilla.com network of Web sites. The Birdzilla network is comprised of over 100 sites covering a large spectrum of wild bird related topics and services. Major components of the site include the following:

  1. Birdzilla Internet Broadcast Network - BIBN.NET -
    Internet-based video and radio-like broadcasts, both live and pre-recorded.

  2. For those interested in backyard birds, bird feeding, bird baths and gardening for birds -
    Birdzilla supports a network of 50 sites, one for each of the US states. Most are in the format of statenamebirds.com, such as newyorkbirds.com or californiabirds.com. Each site has information specific to the state as well as more universal information.

  3. For birders -
    Birdzilla supports a network of 50 sites, with most of the domain names in the format of statenamebirding.com, such as arizonabirding.com and floridabirding.com. Information includes good places to bird, rare bird sightings, places to stay and places to eat.

  4. Shopping services -
    Birdzilla supports several specialty shops that focus on providing products for specific elements of the birding community, including separate sites for birdbaths, feeders and hummingbirds, with more shops to come.

  5. Identification services -
    Birdwatchers can e-mail photographs of unknown bird species to the NameThatBird.com Web site. We will attempt to reply to all submittals and will post selected images to the Web site.

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